Amy Gage is a writer and poet who is passionate about authentic creative expression, and inspiring others to feel more love, openness, empowerment, magic, and beauty in their lives. She is a contributing author in the Amazon best selling books, "365 ways to Connect with Your Soul", "365 Moments of Grace", and “365 Life Shifts”.  She aims to add her voice in the world, to help others better understand the path of love and unity while navigating the rough terrain of being human.   She has positively dealt with depression through "creativity healing" and "beauty alchemy", and wants to help you do the same.   She shares her Truth and journey to joy and open creative expression, through her writing and other forms of art.

I would be happy to hear from you!  Contact me in the form below with any questions you have, if you want me to write for your blog or publication, feature my writing, collaborate with me, or if you just think my perspective could support you in any way.  I'm open to my writing job soulmates. If you think that is you please send me an e-mail below. I also write intentional prayers so if you want me to write you or someone else a personal prayer with focus and love, let me know. <3

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