I have 3 contributing pieces of writing in the book 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. Below is one of them. It's a short intro on "Beauty Alchemy", a name i coined for this subject area. It's one of my favorite subjects to write about....and there is a book in the making that i'm working on, by the same name.  On page 197 (July 9th) is my piece titled "Beauty Alchemy". 

"Beauty Alchemy" is consciously rising from the ego-mind's limitations into the soul's limitlessness. It is a choice and a commitment to see your body and life with new eyes and an open heart. 

  It is so easy to get caught up in limited ideas of who we are or who we think we need to be.  So often, we have been conditioned and pressured to look at ourselves and others through the "ego lens," where we see ourselves as a body before being a soul. From a soul perspective, we remember that we are a soul first, having a physical experience. We remember that we are so much more than our body. 

 Eventually, the voices that say we have to be smaller or larger, darker, or lighter, and less or more of who we currently are, start to lose power in our lives. We will start seeing that limited reality as nonsense as we tap more into our soul’s sense.  When we view our body from our soul's perspective, we feel love and acceptance for ourselves and others. 

 As i began viewing my body from a higher perspective, I identified less with my physical body and more with my soul body, which helped me to have a healthier and more balanced perspective on my physical existence and entire life.  I began to trust that my soul was my truest form of beauty. 

 When we consciously rise into our soul's view of beauty, we assert our power to love what is. We start leading reality, rather than letting it lead us.  We begin experiencing the magic of radiating soul beauty through our physical and transcending our perceived imperfections. 

 Soul perspective is full of acceptance, honor, and compassion for yourself and others. The way you treat your body, feel about your body, and live your life will become more balanced, beautiful, and kind. This new perspective changes everything for the better. 

 We all have the potential to be beauty alchemists in our lives by allowing ourselves to embrace a beautiful soul perspective from the inside out. 

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